LCD Modul EA-DIP204-4
LCD Display EA DIP 204-4
needs only 2 I/O Ports

4 Lines 20 character
I found an interesting LCD Dispaly, which can be connected to controllers using only two I/O Pins.

Usually it's connected just like any standard LCD Display - using 4 Data pins, RS,RW and E.
On the back of this Display you'll find a solder bridge, that allows you to bring it to so called serial mode

In serial mode you will just have to connect 5 Volt Power supply , SID (Serial Input Data) and SCLK (Clock Line) to operate the Display.
Optionally you can use more I/O Pins to switch display illumination on/off or to read from the display by using SOD (Serial Output Data) .

I made a driver for the ETHERNUT board and Nut/Os.

Get the driver for Nut/Os and a simply demo programm

More Information on the Display can be found at the Webpages of Electronic Assembly GmbH
I purchased the Display from Conrad Elektronik . ( Part No. 181863-14 )