Display with SED 1330 controller

While building the SeaTalk <-> NMEA Bridge it became quite clear that i need a display for debugging, data visulatisation etc.

So i took a display i had here and connected it to the controller board and wrote a mini library to access graphics and text .


If you need a library for a SED 1330 Display connected to a AVR Atmega controller
Get the sources.
Here are the prototypes of functions you'll find in the library
void GLCD_Init (void);            /* Initialize Display Controler */
void GLCD_Reset(void);            /* Reset Display Controler.     */
void GLCD_ClearText(void);        /* Clear Text Screen    */
void GLCD_Text(unsigned char x, unsigned char y, unsigned char *myText);
void GLCD_Char(unsigned char myChar);
int  GLCD_PrintChar(char myChar); /* for using STDIO in avr-libc */
void GLCD_ClearGraph(void); /* Clear Graphic Screen */
void GLCD_Pixel (int x,int y, drawmode show);
void GLCD_Line  (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, drawmode show);
void GLCD_Circle(int x, int y, int radius, drawmode show);
void GLCD_Rectangle (int x1,int y1,int x2,int y2,drawmode show);
void GLCD_DegreeLine(int x,int y, int degree, int inner_radius, int outer_radius, drawmode show);